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Yep. I have it. Every day I get a text from my parents and several friends asking if I’m starting to feel better yet. The ugly truth is I feel so much worse than I did 10 days ago when I tested positive. Each day my worst symptoms change just a bit, but every day I. Am. Miserable. I know who I got it from, and I have been self-isolating so I don’t spread it to others, except Benny because we share everything. Yikes. The rest of the family tested negative, then Benny started having symptoms and tested positive on the second test. Thank God our kids are fine and totally self-sufficient!

You’ve probably heard this affects every person differently, so here’s what I’m experiencing in case you want to compare notes, or if you’re one of those people still spouting off that this is, “just the flu” and not that bad.

I’ve had a constant headache that doesn’t go away with medication or even ice on the back of my head and neck. I’ve got sinus congestion and drainage, which is probably what is causing my sore throat. I’m coughing so hard I’m vomiting or peeing myself, sometimes both. My fever is fluctuating between 99 and 101.7 degrees. There is no part of my body that doesn’t hurt – even my hair hurts. I lost my sense of taste and smell, which was pretty trippy. Now that my taste is coming back, every flavor feels like too much – too sweet, or too spicy, or too bland. I’m asthmatic and my chest is so tight I can’t take a deep breath without choking. I have just enough energy to get myself up to use the bathroom which is good because…diarrhea. UGH. I am not sugarcoating anything for you. This virus is nasty!

I am monitoring all my vitals, taking supplements and vitamins, and my doctor says I’m doing everything I am supposed to do – I just have to rest and drink lots of fluids and wait this out, unless I can’t breathe, then I’m heading to the ER. I am weary.

I was crushed to have to miss Linda’s funeral last Saturday, and even though it was livestreamed, I was so sick I slept right through it. ☹

As hard as this is, there are silver linings in the form of our people:

  • My SIL in Washington ordered us enough pizza to feed the kids for a few days, and she and my brother call me every day to check on us and tell me they’re praying for us.
  • Benny’s BFF brought me yogurt, bananas, and OJ when those were the only things I thought I could keep down. He continues to check on us and drop little things off here and there.
  • One of my tribe did a grocery trip/porch drop off for us.
  • One of my tribe sent me a Grubhub gift card.
  • One of my tribe dropped off Manuka honey, Elderberry, and Goldenseal Root for me today. We are throwing everything we can at this to see what helps.
  • Our parents call or text us every day, and several friends keep checking in on us. That makes me feel loved.
  • My older brother (by a year) left me a “Checking on you, baby sister” message, and my younger brother who has already recovered from Covid checked on me too. Brothers for the win!!
  • My boss/friend has been extremely understanding about my need for flexibility with my work schedule.
  • Benny qualified for special PTO that won’t count against his regular PTO so even though my income is suffering right now, his is not.

I know we will recover from this and for that I am grateful, but it’s day 10 and recovery isn’t happening just yet, and patience has never been a virtue I possess. It blows my damn mind that I still have a few friends calling this a plandemic, and a hoax. I kind of hate them right now, but I wouldn’t wish this on them either.

Please be smart and stay safe, friends!

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Guinevere 1

In June of 2011 we began praying for our friends, Jared and Jen King, whose daughter Guinevere was born at 27 weeks gestation. They spent months in the hospital, and we kept everyone updated on their Caring Bridge website. She was able to go home ahead of schedule and their life has been a wild ride since then. Every milestone has been celebrated, and she’s quite the little cutie. Jared and Jen are fabulous parents and continue to fight for Guinevere and the challenges she faces, which brings us to this post.


Jared called me a few days ago to tell me that Guinevere needed to be hospitalized again. I’ll let his update speak for itself, but I want to ask you to join me in prayers for healing, answers, rest, and provision for my friends and their beautiful little girl. Thank you!


Sorry for the long silence, but, up until today, there hasn’t been much to update.

Guinevere is in the hospital because she has long had issues surrounding eating and feeding. They are, indeed, medical, not behavioral, issues. I haven’t mentioned this much to many because I get sick of explaining it long form and half the time still have people confusing it for her just being a picky eater or obstinate, and the other half still barely gripping the concept but getting that there’s “something” going on.

The bottom line has been: she hasn’t been eating well. We’ve structured our entire lives around getting her to eat. It was consuming the vast majority of our days. There were no “days off” from dealing with this. Occasionally, she’d have a good day, but she would only be able to consume about half of the calories she needed to survive on her best days. And those were about 1 in every 10. We had been jumping up and down, screaming for help for her since July of last year with little success. Her care team, including numerous specialists, could all see that there was something going on, but it was nearly impossible to get an appointment with the therapists and specialists that she needed to see because they were under such high demand.

So, last Thursday, Jen took Guinevere in to see her pediatrician. She explained everything, again, and in more detail, about all we were doing to feed her with such little success. Guinevere had actually lost weight since her last visit, and hadn’t gained any, overall, since November. She was only up 2 lbs since her birthday. The pediatrician could see that there was no other way to get the assistance we needed, so she ordered Guinevere hospitalized under the diagnosis “failure to thrive.” In the hospital, there is access to all of the specialists we need.

So, for the first 48 hours, we were visited and observed and recorded, etc. They were measuring her caloric intake, as well as everything that “went out.” That has continued.

Yesterday, they decided that they were going to place a nasal gastric/NG tube (a tube that goes down her throat into her stomach through her nose, and has a snap enclosure that hangs down at the end of excess tube that hangs over her ear and down her back) and give her 400 calories of liquid nutrition over 10 hours as she slept. By their count, she’s taking about that much in orally during the day, and she needs 800 calories a day to be healthy and grow.

The placement of the NG tube was a difficult experience, but she has shown no proclivity to yank it out, which is pretty amazing. She’s such a trooper in that.

Last night, they gave her the first supplemental feeding. Today, she was a completely different person.

I had the best day of my life today. I’m not using excessive hyperbole. It was. It beats the day I got married. It beats the day that we found out she was coming. It beats the day that we brought her home from the NICU in August of 2011. Today, for the very first time, I saw my girl chew food. She has never chewed before. Ever. This morning, we were giving her little bites of blueberry muffin, which she would generally just mash around her mouth with her tongue before swallowing. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I saw her jaw moving up and down. For the first time. Ever. With food. In her mouth. She ate about the same as one of her best days without the tube assistance, but feedings were much faster, and she was more participatory.

She held her soy milk container herself. Before today, we wouldn’t have let her hold it for fear she would drop it. She would not have had the strength or coordination/fine motor skills.

She climbed up on an ottoman and onto the couch in her hospital room. She never would have had the strength to do that before. It blew me away. At home, we always had to help her onto the couch or chair she wanted into.

She went over to another little girl, a good 25 feet from us, and she engaged her to play with the same thing. She would have never gotten 5 feet from Jen or dared engage another child socially without our provocation. A week ago, I would’ve told you that you were stupid and didn’t know my daughter if you tried to convince me I would witness that today.

There are other things, and I could go on and on. But, we had a really good day today. We have a long way to go. Do not get me wrong. We are no where near the finish line and my tough little person has so much work to do. But, today, instead of acting like a cautious 9 month old, my daughter acted like a confident 21 month old. And she chewed her food. It was the best day of my life, thus far.



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Update on Eddie

Sorry for the delay in an update, but I wanted to actually have new info. for you.

Benny has been to see Eddie twice, and he is SO discouraged and worried about his future. He is in Boulder County Jail and being held without bond due to the serious nature of the charges. Everything was confiscated as evidence, so we took him some reading glasses today. We’re having a Bible shipped to him tomorrow as it has to come directly from a bookseller. I’m learning all of the restrictions, and they are many. Benny is the only person that has been to see Eddie since his arrest, which is depressing. The good news is that he can receive mail. He needs all the love and encouragement he can get, so if you’re interested in sending him a card or note, please email me (nikinowell at gmail dot com) and I’ll give you the address. We’ve promised him we won’t forget about him, so we’d love some help keeping his spirits up.

The Daily Camera (the Boulder paper I don’t like) posted a new article today about him. You can read it here:


Everyone who knows Eddie is giving the same story: he’s a decent guy, non-violent, and pretty trustworthy. But, the road ahead is a long one. And though our judicial system is supposed to be “innocent until proven guilty”, it appears to be just the opposite. Eddie is going to have to prove self-defense. Please pray for him and his family.

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