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I have adamantly described myself as a nonfiction writer, but back in May, a friend challenged me to branch out and write (and submit) my first short story ever. I am honored that it was chosen to be published in a Science Fiction/Fantasy anthology due out this October. My story is titled The Locket and will appear as the second of twelve stories in the book Time Traveling Coffers edited by Dana Bell. It is being published by micro-press, WolfSinger Publications. I’ll post a link when the website for the book is up and running.

I had so much fun getting to know my characters and developing the story that I got a little carried away and had trouble cutting it back to the required word count of 6,000 words. Though the short story is completed, I am now working on the full length novel which will have a different title.



This is a time travel story about Remi, an eighteen year old girl who with the help of a locket, learns the truth about her unique heritage.

My name is Nikalas Nowell, and I write fiction. 🙂

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