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Benny HeadshotAllow me to gush for a moment. Isn’t he handsome? This is the love of my life.

It was a cold day in January when we met on the campus of York College in York, Nebraska. I remember it clearly. He does not. Whatever. It wasn’t until a couple of months later when we were both cast in the school play that I really took notice of him. We were dating a month later, and unofficially engaged a month after that. Benny likes to tell people I proposed to him, but we all know that’s not true. After all, I had the entire York choir present when he popped the famous question. There are LOTS of juicy details to our story, but for the sake of this post, I’m going to skip ahead to the present day.

benny3In May we celebrated twenty-two years of marriage, y’all! I threw that “y’all” in there for his benefit, since he’s a Texan. Yes, that sweet, funny, polite, southern boy married me – a kind, fierce, opinionated, Yankee girl. Along the way we learned what love really means and we’ve been spreading it around as much as possible ever since. We made three cute babies, who are growing up nicely. People can’t decide if they look more like me or him. What do you think?

Benny and the kidsI’m okay with them looking like him. My bearded wonder is hot!

And funny. The kids got that from him too.

benny2For our 20th anniversary, I spent a month making a list of things I love about Benny. It’s a little long to share the whole thing, but here are a few of the highlights:

Benny is intentional. He still pursues me. He is kind. Friends and strangers alike are drawn to his kindness. He has a father’s heart. He carries in him the amazing ability to touch the hearts of the fatherless and those who need to hear how special and loved they are. Our kids aren’t the only ones who call him Popa.

Benny is romantic. When we can’t afford fresh flowers, he texts pictures of them to me. He flirts with me. Sometimes it’s even appropriate and suitable for the public.

Benny has big, strong hands. I feel safe when his fingers wrap around mine, or play with my hair, and when they rest on the small of my back when we’re standing in conversation with others. They’re the same hands that threw our children in the air then caught them when they were small, eliciting squeals of delight, and the hands that now wipe away tears after an injury. With the same gentleness in which he holds his family, his hands bring healing to our friends and those we encounter on the streets. His hands carry heavy loads for those who need help carrying things, and lull babies to sleep at church. Yes, I love his hands.

Benny is a dreamer and visionary. He’s the one who comes up with the plans and I help figure out how to make them work. We’re a good team. He’s bold and courageous, and a fiercely loyal friend. You want him in your corner because you can trust he’ll have your back.

Benny loves me even when I’m a pain in the ass, and he doesn’t make me go camping with him. That’s a marriage saver right there!

Benny Nowell is my no-brainer choice for the inaugural post of this challenge.

I love him the most.


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friendsMy friend Don and I occasionally embark on challenges to encourage each other (and our friends) to embrace creativity, practice consistency, try new stuff, do hard things, and improve our lives, or at the very least, see the beauty in them. This is NOT a competition. There are no prizes or criticisms here. This is all in good, clean fun.

We encourage participants to post their daily writings on their own blogs or on Facebook as a note, use social media to spread the word using the hashtag ‪#‎30peoplechallenge‬, and include a blogroll of other participants at the bottom of their posts. Let me or Don know you’re participating so your link is included in the blogroll. Participants can copy and paste it from one of us.

Even if you don’t want to participate and just want to follow along this month, we’d appreciate the exposure, so please link to our challenge through your social media outlets. You never know who will be inspired or encouraged.

Our completed challenges include:
  • Monthly de-cluttering challenge (Niki, 2011)
  • 30 days of daily blogging (Don & Niki, October 2011)
  • Month-long shopping/couponing challenge (Niki, November 2011)
  • 30 day drawing challenge (Don, Niki, Beckie, and Sarah, August 2012)
  • 47 day photo challenge (Friends from around the globe, February-April 2014)

Here we go!

The Challenge:
For the month of November, write at least a paragraph about the person listed for that day. Include photos, drawings, lyrics, funny anecdotes, whatever you want. Keep it clean.

The List:

  1. The person you love most
  2. Someone who makes you laugh
  3. Your mom (Or mother figure)
  4. Your dad (Or father figure)
  5. A family member besides your parents
  6. Favorite teacher
  7. Best friend from childhood/high school/college
  8. Best friend now
  9. Someone you had a crush on once upon a time.(You don’t have to share their real name.)
  10. Someone you wish you could forget
  11. Someone you admire
  12. Your neighbor
  13. A beloved child in your life
  14. Someone who challenges you to be who you are
  15. The President of the United States
  16. Someone you mentor
  17. Someone who mentors or inspires you
  18. A fictional character in a book
  19. A fictional character in a movie
  20. An artist
  21. A musician/band
  22. A favorite actor
  23. A favorite actress
  24. An author
  25. Your favorite alien
  26. A coworker
  27. Someone you only know online but would like to know in person.
  28. A historical figure
  29. A random person (This is like the “free” space in Bingo)
  30. Yourself

Kicking off the challenge:

Niki at nikinowell.wordpress.com

Don at donhillson.wordpress.com

Beckie at free2b2much.blogspot.com

Tracy at countyroadchronicles.wordpress.com

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