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Day 19~ Something NEW

I decided to go with the play on words with this one. On May 5th, 1993, I became Mrs. Benny Nowell aka Nikalas El Nowell.

Before that day, I was Nikalas El Wood… N.E.W. 😉

Day 20~Something Orange

Bonus points to anyone who can tell me the name of this 1980’s jumping phenomenon. 😉

I’m all caught up.

Now go check out orangey things at my friend’s blogs:

Expatriatism,  Free To Be Too Much, and GirlyGeeky

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Yes, I know. I’ve been absent for a few days. I’m trying to catch up because being behind makes me feel like a behind. 😉

Day 16: Inspiration

A lot of my inspirations of late have come in the form of encouraging words from friends via snail mail. I’m a big fan of opening my mailbox and finding a letter bearing the handwriting of a friend. It speaks of an added effort and personal touch that emails just can’t capture. Back in high school I had a friend who would send me random things in his letters: a coupon for eye glasses, comic strips from the newspaper, empty candy wrappers. Stuff like that made my whole week. 🙂

Day 17: Favorite Plant

I like plants about as much as I like animals. BUT, I do have a favorite. Daisies are kind of my thing. Floating from my index finger up to my triceps, my right arm is covered in them. They make me happy. Daisies are usually present in my doodles and my signature on personal notes and letters.

Day 18: Just-a-Doodle

I didn’t want to make myself doodle, so I pulled out my old sketchbook. Here’s my long explanation for a very simple doodle:

A few years ago, I was part of a team with a couple of difficult people. My friend who was the head of the team sent me an email that I thought was meant to encourage me – that we’d get through a particular situation we were in. While the email accomplished that, I didn’t know that it was also a goodbye. In his parting words to me, he used two phrases that stunned me. I don’t think he could have imagined what they would continue to mean to me – how many times it would come to mind in the difficult months that followed. He told me that I need to understand the places where flowers grow after I’ve been there. He told me I am so much more than…and listed a few of my titles that I was mistakenly thinking were my identity. It was a truth that took me awhile to embrace, and when I finally did, he was no longer a part of my life.

A few months after that email, I was enjoying a Niki Day and doodled this page.

My other doodling friends are keeping up with the challenge:

Expatriatism,  Free To Be Too Much, and GirlyGeeky

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I over-thought this one trying to be clever.

If you’re ever in the market for someone to draw your family portrait,

you might want to ask one of these people:

Expatriatism,  Free To Be Too Much, and GirlyGeeky

It won’t hurt my feelings. Really.

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