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This whole “favorite” business is beginning to get on my nerves. Like choosing best friends, I have a favorite in each book genre. Choosing just one is a small form of torture. AND it can’t be a book that’s been turned into a movie? You might as well tie my hands behind my back then tell me to draw. Most of my beloved favorites have interpretations on the big screen already. Not fair. (Okay enough with the whining, Niki!)

Tris Pryor is the heroine in the Divergent series by Veronica Roth. She sold the movie rights to Summit Entertainment, so there’s a possibility that I may someday sit in a darkened theater watching Tris come to life. Right now, there are no pictures of her, just a description from the novel. While she is not my very favorite book character, I like her a lot, and she is the closest I can come to cramming myself into the criteria of the challenge. I also thought about drawing Four, the other main character (love him), but I find guys harder to draw.

“I sit on the stool and my mother stands behind me with the scissors, trimming. The strands fall on the floor in a dull, blond ring. When she finishes, she pulls my hair away from my face and twists it into a knot..I sneak a look at my reflection when she isn’t paying attention–not for the sake of vanity, but out of curiosity…I see a narrow face, wide, round eyes, and a long, thin nose–I still look like a little girl, though sometime in the last few months I turned sixteen.” ~Chapter 1, Divergent

Divergent is the first book in a great young adult dystopian trilogy. Insurgent, released this summer, and the final book will be out sometime in 2013. Can’t wait.

Who is your favorite book character?

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