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Back in October, my friend Don and I challenged each other to post once a day for a month. Our objectives were to form good habits, practice the writing craft, and hopefully gain a few new followers in the process. We both completed the challenge, but it’s been awhile. Since then, Don and his wife had a baby, and we took on a teenager. We’ve both had plenty of challenges, but we’ve grown lazy about expressing our creativity.

What to do?

Begin another challenge, of course!

Don initiated this one, so it is an art challenge. (Click on the picture to enlarge it and read the fine print.) This challenge intimidates me. I don’t consider myself an artist in the drawing sense of the word. Give me a lump of clay and a few tools and I can wow you, but paper and pencil? ~sigh~ I’ll do my best!

After a brief discussion, we decided on a few simple rules:

  • The challenge would begin today, on August 7th.
  • The drawings would be scanned or photographed and uploaded to our respective blogs.

So here’s my self-portrait, Niki style. :

I am often found with my nose in a book, so I though this met the requirements just fine. 😉 This was drawn with a #2 pencil on printer paper.

Would you care to join us? We’d love some company. Just let one of us know so we can link to you too!

Be sure to check out Don’s Day 1 drawing on his blog: Expatriatism, and my friend Freebie’s Day 1 drawing on her blog: Free To Be Too Much.

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