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Sound bytes. That’s all I seem to have time for these days. It’s easy and I’m lazy. Period. I’ve had a love hate relationship with blogging and a love love relationship with Facebook. It’s true. Just ask one of my 1600 closest friends. Pop on in for a pseudo-conversation and a peek at my latest flair or mobile upload. Stop by here and see the dust collecting on my pretty daisies. It’s sad really, my laziness. I love writing, so why don’t I make the time to put fingers to keys and produce something worth reading? Laziness. Oh how I hate that word. Poor time management. Yes, that too. I like Facebook. Did I mention it’s easier?

I fondly remember the days when my blogging buddies and I frequented each others pages, spreading our encouragement, laughing at each other’s silliness, praying each other through the crappy days, and recommending books, music, movies, and other blogs. Many of them have abandoned blogging all together. Me? I’ve been treading water for a long time, trying to decide if I was circling the drain, just out for a lazy (there’s that word again) float, or if I was just taking a little break from the exercise.

Blogging used to be fun. Then I joined a writer’s group and it became not-so-fun. (Yes, I worded the sentence that way on purpose.) What was once spontaneous and gave me a public voice, became a millstone around my neck as I learned about platform, audience, self-promotion, and the words, “If you want to be successful, you NEED a blog.” Uh oh. Did I sense a bandwagon approaching? Is that what happened? Someone told me that I NEED a blog, so my rebellious spirit rose up to prove them wrong? I had been blogging for 5 years at that point. I didn’t NEED my blog, but I wanted it.  I watched as friends who had no desire to blog, created their sites and dutifully (another word I’m not fond of) clicked away to build their network. I hopped on over to Facebook and began getting friend requests from writers who don’t know me but wanted me to “be their fan” and help promote their work. Sure. I can do that. But me? Forced to blog because that’s what writers do? That rebellious spirit planted both feet, squared her shoulders up (can you see her hands on her hips and the challenging gleam in her eyes?) and said, “Wanna bet?”

Who likes being told what to do? How do I reign that girl in? How is it August already and I haven’t posted since January? I’m feeling it again. I want to blog. I want to connect through the written word and I want to have the freedom to use more than 140 characters, so I still fail to see the point of Twitter. Sorry. Facebook is my friend, but I miss my old friends, so here I am. I’m back again.

How have you been?

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IMHO, If you’ve never read Relevant Magazine, you’re missing out. From beginning to end, I find it informative, encouraging, challenging, and funny. This particular issue did something amazing. It reflected my political beliefs almost exactly. Seriously. I don’t have permission to reprint the whole article here, but I can print parts of it as long as I site my source. RELEVANT Magazine, Sept./Oct. edition 2008, page 6, /First Word-Leading The Charge written by Cameron Strang. Consider it sited. 🙂

“I’m someone who tries to think independently and objectively, rather than simply follow what the pundits tell me to think. Because of that, I’ve realized I cannot fully embrace either political party. Both sides of the aisle have some great ideas and goals. But both also have areas where they simply get it wrong.”

“… historically, real, lasting change has started first at the grassroots level long before it was ever legislated. Cultural mindshifts influence Washington, not the other way around.”

“Many Christians traditionally have voted Republican because of their justifiable conviction to protect the lives of the unborn. Now many younger Christians are voting Democrat because of their justifiable desire to see our nation, the most prosperous in the world, address issues of poverty, global aid, and the environment. The problem is, many Christians vote these convictions, but that’s largely where their personal involvement in the issues stops. Are the government leaders we vote for meant to do our job for us? If God has given you a heart for the poor, or to see a reduction in the number of abortions, or to promote peace…then your personal focus needs to be on that-whether or not the President shares your same values.”

“…what if one day every value Christians stand for, even religious freedom itself, was legislatively removed? Christians in China and many other parts of the world face this reality every day. Would it change us? Dare I say, it might actually spur the Body of Christ here into greater action. Could it be that the loss of religious freedoms would ultimately be the best thing for American Christians because it would cause us to stand on our own two feet rather than relying on the government to legislate our faith and values for us?”

“Christians should be focused on personal action regardless of legislation, not just waiting for the right number of Supreme Court justices to come along. I’m not saying don’t vote. Do. Vote your convictions and let your voice be heard-that’s one of the perks of living in a democracy. But don’t let politics breed division, or make you see people in a different light. If you have a passion for an issue, rather than judging someone who doesn’t share that passion or viewpoint, just go do something about it. Give your life to it. Be the change you want to see.”

“We need to pray for our leaders and our country, but always remember that our leaders and country do not define us. We are the generation that will shape the direction culture, government, and social action will take in the next 50 years. It’s not up to Washington, it’s up to us – and I say it’s time we step up and lead the charge. But that means with our lives, our finances and our actions every day. Not just Nov. 4.”

I have a friend who can’t stand Obama and another who can’t stand McCain. They’re both Christians and both want to talk to everyone they know about the election, bad jokes and all. Thankfully they live in different states and will never butt heads in front of me. I have another friend who doesn’t believe in voting because they believe the outcome of the election is a product of God’s will. I’ve made my point about God working through His people and that there may be a difference in what God allows and what He wants – to no avail. Notice I used the word “friend”. I don’t have to share their convictions to be their friends. I don’t draw lines and divide myself from others because they will vote differently than I do. I don’t care who you vote for. I will love you anyway.

I am not a Democrat or a Republican. I don’t align myself with any particular political party. Will I vote? Absolutely. I believe my vote counts. But my vote doesn’t change who I am on a daily basis. What I do is not based on legislature, it’s based on love. You will not hear me complain about the President – no matter who wins or loses. Their job is hard enough and they need my prayers. I have too many other things happening in life to spend all my time complaining about the current administration . There are people on the streets, in my neighborhood, and in my home that need my attention and devotion. There is no government that can dictate how I choose to leave my mark on the world – Loving God and loving others – extravagantly.

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Have you visited my Sex, Love, and Marriage blog lately?

I have a series of posts I’ve been working on regarding the debate over the One Less Campaign.  There are currently 26 states looking at the possibility of mandating the HPV vaccine for schoolgirls ages 9 and up.  Texas was the first and their governor has come under some pretty heavy fire.  It’s a lot of information but it’s worth your time to take a look at it.

Guess which camp I’m firmly planted in?   😉

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