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The past few weeks have been rough for our family. Our friend and neighbor, Terry, committed suicide two weeks ago.  We spent a week doing our best to hold up his wife, make phone calls for her, and attend memorial services.  It was with sadness that Benny spoke at Terry’s memorial service in the same place he had performed their wedding last April.  Please pray for Nell as she deals with this major loss.  She feels responsible though we keep telling her she’s not.  😦  The one good thing coming from this terrible situation is that we’re getting to know Nell’s son James and his wife Cris, who are our age.  This week our friends and neighbors on the other side of us told us that they are splitting up.  They have 3 little boys ages 4 and under.  Our neighborhood is a mess.  Once again we find ourselves right where we’re supposed to be, but sometimes it’s difficult not to be discouraged. Our family has also dealt with several bouts of illness and dental issues.  Please pray for us too.

We had a group from San Antonio bless our socks off a few weeks ago.  (Which is o.k. They brought us 750 pairs of new ones.)  Read about it on the SEVENS blog when you’re finished browsing here.

I just finished reading the Harry Potter books.  I’ve seen all of the movies up to this point, but reading the books gave me the richness of the tale that I didn’t realize was missing.  As far as children’s and young adult fantasy fiction is concerned, I loved them.  Especially the themes of love, loyalty, courage, and perseverance.  Max has been asking about the movies for quite awhile now, so a few weeks ago we borrowed the DVD’s from the library and watched them.  After each one we had really good discussions about the themes, good vs. evil, who represented which side, how the characters treated each other and the adults in the story, and a whole host of other things.  We also agreed that a “room of requirement” would be quite handy to have in our house. 🙂  I know the Harry Potter series  and other fantasy books can be controversial in Christian circles.  I’m making a statement of opinion and do not wish to debate this with believers who have opposing ideas about these books.  I respectfully ask that if you want to talk about how evil they are, please do it on your own blog. 🙂

I was finally able to order a few extra copies of the anthology book my story was published in.  I’ll be holding a drawing for a chance to win a copy beginning Monday. Be sure to stop back for more details.

Speaking of writing, I attended a one day conference in Colorado Springs last Saturday.  One of the speakers, Donita K. Paul, whom I’ll be blogging about soon, challenged us with homework.  I took a story idea that’s been floating around in my head for months, and actually put the skeleton outline down on paper.  There are other stories in there too, but this one won’t leave me alone.  I guess that means I’ve officially begun writing my first novel.  I find that both exhilarating and terrifying. lol

I’m blogging on yet another blog now.  As a board member of a Colorado Chapter of American Christian Fiction Writers, I’m required to post on the last Friday of the month on our blog, The Inkwell.  Please come and check it out.  There are lots of great writing tips, thoughts from Colorado authors, and links to great stuff on there.  Maybe I need to require myself to post here at least once a week.  My writing friend Donna recently kicked my butt when she said if we’re going to call ourselves writers we should act like it.  Writers write.  Novel idea, huh? lol

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I’m on my way out the door for a long awaited 3 day renewal in the mountains.  Just me.  I have a feeling this will be my own little version of “The Shack”…maybe not quite so intense, but just as healing and sweet.  See you all back here next week. 🙂

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Michelle’s surgery went very well. She still has some tests she needs to go through to determine whether or not she’ll need radiation treatments. She will need lots of prayers and help with childcare, meals, and general encouragement over the next few months. I’ll do what I can from here and I ask that you keep praying for my friend from wherever you are. Thanks!

Tomorrow is the last full day with the East Point group. Wow. What a week we’re having! I’ll look forward to writing more about it when I can come up for air. 🙂 We’ve all been stretched and challenged this week and it has been life transforming for both the SEVENS team and the East Point group.

Remember my friend Kim Woodhouse? Their family’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition episode is airing again this Sunday night, July 27th, on ABC. If you didn’t get to see it the first time around, set the DVR or gather your family around with some popcorn and celebrate people being compassionate and giving each other a hand up. It’s a beautiful thing. My friends are so grateful for the blessings they have received through the show and it’s affiliates, as well as all of the volunteers, family, and friends that were in any way involved with the makeover. We continue to pray for miraculous healing for sweet Kayla. They were also chosen as one of the top five most popular episodes of the year. You can go to abc.com and vote for your favorite episode of 2008 so far and also your favorite of Ty’s intros. The Kansas intro cracked me up.

We think both of our vehicles are on their last legs. We’re just nursing them along which makes me crazy and cranky. Spending money on van and car repairs stinks. If you know of anyone who’d like to donate a nice, gently used minivan or bigger to our family/ministry for a tax deduction, let us know. Seriously.

That’s about it for now. I’ll try to write a little something this weekend. Thanks for being who you are in my life.

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