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My friends Trevor, Chris, and Allen invited me to guest blog over at Sacred Margins today. I wrote about making a difference in my post, Greeting Cards and Bubbles.

“The guys” as I affectionately call them, are not only some of Benny’s best friends, but a talented band of brothers with a gift for exploring themes of faith. Their Sacred Margins site was born out of walking through life together and long talks about rest, space, and the desire to explore the deep connections between spirituality and technology. I am so honored they invited me to be part of the discussion!

I need to apologize to my friend Don. Not only because I never finished his 30 day drawing challenge, but because I’m not going to. I’ve had to give myself permission to move on. It was a great challenge – he rocked it out – but me? Not so much.

I did learn that I can draw more than stick figures. I also learned that drawing is work for me, and not the fun kind. Give me a lump of clay and I’ll be content to make whatever you want me to, but my brain does not see pictures on a flat surface in a way that is easily reproducible for me. I’m going to stick to word art for a while.

I have enough challenging things in my life now to take on any more. For instance, I decided not to join my many friends taking the NANOWRIMO challenge this month, but I am working on my time travel novel. That is fun for me, and there’s no pressure to have it completed by a certain day. I definitely work better on a deadline, but this is play, not work. It’s still challenging, but in a good way.

Have you read my story yet? The one published in Time Traveling Coffers? It’s not too late to get it at a discounted rate.


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I’m also trying to write our end of the year letter to our SEVENS family and friends without making it sound like a Christmas letter. It would be much easier if I had been writing quarterly letters like I had planned to do. I’m lucky they’re a forgiving bunch and they love me.

Be honest. How do you feel about Christmas letters?

Love them? Dread them? Hate them?

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Occasionally I cross the lines between what I post here and what I post on my Sex, Love, and Marriage blog. I understand that I have two very different audiences, but sometimes the message calls for a wider audience, and that is here on My Journey. The following is a reprint from a newsletter my husband Benny receives. He sent it to me and I immediately emailed the author for permission to reprint it here, which he so graciously granted. If you like the article, check out Russell’s website and see what else he has to offer. I appreciate his willingness to step out and speak up. This is a GREAT article! To put a picture in your mind, here’s a picture of MY princess:


Well I know I’m supposed to be writing about Training, Nutrition, recovering Fast from Injury, Attitude and Losing Weight. I know I’m JUST a trainer and not a psychiatrist or psychologist. And I know you don’t tune in here to get answers on how to solve the problems of the world.Well today I must digress. Yesterday the Governor of New York got caught paying for sex in a prostitution ring. He was paying up to $5,000 per session with these girls. The governor is married with 3 daughters.

I’m not moralizing and I know it’s the ‘world’s oldest profession’ and that it’s between 2 consenting adults and it’s his private life. But I woke up this morning not thinking about the governor but about the ‘call girls’, the ‘hookers’, the ‘prostitutes’. And no guys, I wasn’t thinking about what $5,000 would do for me:).

Does anybody care about how these beautiful women got to a point in life where selling their bodies and services was okay? How do incredible little Princesses grow up and then end up in such a degrading ‘occupation’?

Yeah, yeah I know… but Russell don’t you understand that this is a ‘victimless crime’ between 2 consenting adults? Who’s the FOOL asking me THAT question? Victimless?

What about the prostitute? Oh yeah she got PAID to have her heart and soul and self-worth pummeled further into oblivion. But that’s not the John’s fault (or the Governor’s fault in this case), is it? No the Gov didn’t start the process of destroying the Princess but he sure as hell didn’t come to her RESCUE either.

Then there’s the Governor’s wife and 3 teenage daughters. Let’s ask them how victimless this was..

They cheered on Wall Street because a self-righteous, merciless man was being brought down.

I know, I know… I’m just so naive… This is the way the world is- always was, always will be. Not MY world! I grew up with the ‘free love’ of the 60’s and 70’s. It didn’t work because it was really ‘free sex’ AND anyone who knows ANYTHING about history realizes how it destroyed lives. It brought unheard of levels of drug and alcohol abuse. People died- physically, emotionally and spiritually. I went to the funerals.


I need real men to take a stand against anything or anyone who would harm our daughters. Not just your own but every little girl on the planet. And we don’t need to just PROTECT them. We need to let them know who they are. We need to build them up. We need to love on them. We need to give them a reason to dream big dreams.

Someone once told me that Dad needs to be the Man in her daughter’s life until her wedding day.

When the day comes that a little girl stops feeling like a Princess, YOU have to be there to remind her about Cinderella. Help her practice her dancin’. And make sure the Prince IS NOT a creep:)…

As my friend David DeNotaris always says, “Make it a Great Day”…bye4now…

Your friend (iC),
Russell Jones

PS- Please visit us at the http://www.PowerWorkshop.org/ to see what’s new.

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