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Congratulations Barb! Send me your email and I’ll send you the codes.

Thank you to everyone who entered, and stay tuned for another give away after Thanksgiving. I know you love free stuff as much as I do! 😉

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Wow. Last week was so busy that I’m a little behind on posting the amazing deals I got. This is for Nov. 6th-12th:

FYI: OOP= Out of pocket expenses. MQ=Manufacturer Coupon. B1G1=Buy 1 Get 1 free. King Soopers (one of my favorite stores) periodically hosts a Mega Event=Buy 10 participating items (you can mix and match to reach your 10 items) and get $5.00 off your order, or .50 off each of the 10 items. Walgreen’s register rewards print at the register and you can spend them like cash on your next visit. I used multiple coupons on these items, and still paid tax on my free items. Not everything is pictured here because I had already put most of the groceries away. I didn’t want to take 40 cans of soup and broth out of the pantry.

Kleenex retails for 1.99, on sale for 1.49, Mega Event item -.50 off each, MQ -1.00/3. Final Price=.66 each (x 12) Retail= 23.88. OOP= 7.92. A 67% savings.

Satin Care Shaving Gel retails for 2.30, on sale for 1.99, Mega Event item -.50 each, MQ for -1.00/1. Final Price=.49 each (x3) Retail-6.90. OOP=1.47. A 79% savings.

Axe Shower Gel retails for 3.82, Mega Event item -.50 each, MQ for B1G1. Final Price=$1.66 each (x8) Retail=30.56. OOP= 13.28. A 57% savings.

Suave Body Wash retails for 2.00, MQ for B2G1, MQ for .50/1, Walgreen’s deal-spend $10 on Suave products and get $3 register rewards. Final Price=.50 each (x 11) Retail=22.00. OOP=5.50. A 75% savings.

Holiday Gift Sacks retail for 4/1.00, on sale w/ Walgreen’s coupon for 10/1.00. Final Price=.10 each (x 80) Retail=20.00. OOP=8.00. A 60% savings.

Spices retail for 1.79, on sale 2/3.00, Walgreen’s coupon made the Final Price=.69 each (x 9) Retail=16.11. OOP=6.21. A 61% savings.

Carefree Pantyliners retail for 1.49, on sale for .99, MQ for -.50/1. Final Price=.49 each (x 9) Retail=13.41. OOP=4.41. A 67% savings.

Oregon Chai retails for 3.99, on sale 2/5.00, MQ for -1.00/1.  Final Price=1.50 each (x 3) Retail=11.97. OOP=4.50. A 62% savings.

DEAL OF THE WEEK!! Schick multi-pack razors retail for 6.28, on sale B1G1, MQ for B1G1. Final Price=FREE (x 20) Retail= 125.60. 100% Savings! ***Some of the packages were specially marked with a promo code inside. 2 codes = $10 iTunes gift card. Limited to 2 gift cards per person while supplies last. I got $20 for iTunes and will be passing the other codes/gift card offers along to friends, and 1 lucky reader. 🙂

Not pictured (because it was already put away in the pantry and fridge):

Progresso Soups retail for 3.19, on sale for 4/5.00, MQ for -1.00/4. Final Price=1.00 each (x 20) Retail=63.80. OOP=20.00. A 69% savings.

Swanson Broth retails for 1.59, on sale for .99, Mega Event item -.50 each, MQ for -1.00/5. Final Price=.29 each (x 20) Retail=31.80. OOP=5.80. An 82% savings.

Challenge Butter retails for 4.69, on sale for 2.79, Mega Event item -.50 each, MQ for -.75/1. Final Price=1.54 each (x 3) Retail=14.07. OOP=4.62.  A 67% savings.

Hormel Chili retails for 1.41, Mega Event item -.50 each, MQ for -1.00/2. Final Price=.41 each (x 2) Retail=2.82. OOP=.82. A 71% savings.

Imagine Organic Broth retails for 3.39, on sale 2.49, Mega Event item -.50, MQ for -1.00/1. Final Price=.99 each (x 2) Retail=6.78. OOP=1.98. A 71% Savings.

FREE with special King Soopers Coupons, no purchase necessary:

2 dozen eggs (Retail= 3.26)

1 lb. butter (Retail=3.29)

1 Kraft Salad Dressing (Retail=1.49)

1 pkg Oscar Meyer deli meat (Retail=4.32)

1 pkg Hostess Cupcakes (Retail=4.29)

Total Retail=$406.35. Total OOP=$84.51. Total Savings= $321.84.

Savings percentage for this trip: 79% Plus the $20 iTunes gift cards, and $30 in gift cards to give away. 🙂

Want a chance to win a $10 iTunes gift card?

Leave a comment on this post and my lovely assistant will draw a winner on Thursday morning. The winner will be announced here on my blog and on my Facebook page on Thursday at noon. The codes for the gift card will be emailed to the winner the same day. Once emailed, the responsibility of code redemption falls to the winner. Visit schicktunes.com for official rules. Be a good sport and spread the word. Good luck!

Next Post: Some how-to tips, links, and pictures of my binder. Yes, there is a method to my madness.

***POST UPDATE: As per Kris’s request, I updated the post to include actual money spent and saved and checked all of my math – some of which was incorrect. I also want to add that some of the retail prices would have been cheaper at other stores, but after comparing the sale/coupon pricing, it was still cheaper to purchase the items at King Soopers and Walgreens. These posts only include the sale/coupon deals, and as you can tell by quantities, I am trying to create a SMALL stockpile for the months our financial support wanes and my grocery budget has to shrink. I think that is one of the smartest things our ancestors did – save and put stuff away to get through the leaner times. Happy saving, friends!***

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Pete drew your name out of the hat, so YOU are the lucky winner of the “Angel of Courage”. Send me your mailing address and I’ll send you your prize.

Thank you to all of my wonderful readers and stay tuned for more give-away opportunities in the near future.

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