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It occurred to me that I should occasionally follow the rules, so though I have three beloved children and they’re all my favorites, today I’m going to choose only one to write about.

kiddosI chose Pete. He’s my youngest. My last. My baby. The one who tags along with me a lot because he’s not as social as his brother and sister. He’s my mischievous child. Just look at that face! I shot this a few minutes after I told him he couldn’t walk in the stream.

Mt. Evans (40)

“I didn’t walk in it. I only stepped in it.”

Pete has his own sense of style and doesn’t care what people think about it. His socks NEVER match, he wears camouflage every chance he gets, and his latest fashion craze is his women’s fuzzy polka-dotted robe.photo(9)peteSee? I was serious! This kid makes me laugh with his punny jokes. He asks me astoundingly intelligent questions that are difficult to answer. He says he’ll never stop cuddling with me. Eventually that might get awkward, but at eleven years old, he can’t foresee a day in his life he won’t want to cuddle with me. I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts!

june 9 2015 655Pete is a pretty amazing kid!

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I was whining to Benny about today’s post – how I can’t pick just one person as my best friend. That’s not how I live my life! He suggested I do a Weird Science thing and combine all of the best and most desired traits to make the perfect best friend. After I stopped laughing, I realized there’s a nugget of truth to that approach. I’m complex and so are my friends. There is no one person that meets all of my friend needs, not even Benny. I’m connected to different people for different reasons and circumstances, but there are some things all of my closest friends have in common: Mutual trust, loyalty, humor/silliness, and depth. With that as my criteria, allow me to introduce you to my best friends right now. (I stole their pictures from Facebook.)

I’ve already written about Benny, Lennie, and Tawnya, so I’m moving on.

ksKaren is my best friend in Denver. We met at church several years ago. I was actually friends with her husband first and he introduced us. Thanks John! She is my reading buddy, movie date, and we henna each other’s hair. She’s the one who went on vacation with me and Tawnya a few years ago. She is so unlike me in all the right ways. She’s Spock to my Kirk – more logical and level-headed where I tend to be more cocky and fly by the seat of my pants. She has two green thumbs (maybe more) while I joke about growing people, not plants. She does that too – grow people! She’s amazing! We share a birthday month, so we celebrate together as long as we can.

heatherHeather and I speak the same language. We both grew up in difficult situations but are overcomers and we’re thriving now. We are not only fluent in sarcasm and witty comebacks, we speak the same dialect! Ha! Before she moved to Texas, she was my movie buddy, and writing buddy, and pina colada buddy. I flew to San Antonio to see her twice this summer. I’m trying to convince her Colorado is her real home. We’d spend less time on the phone, and I have the mountains on my side, enticing her. 😉

don and matthewDon lives too far away! I can’t put a French number on speed dial, so I am especially grateful for Facebook Messenger which allows us to connect almost every day. He’s my partner-in-crime for these challenges we take on, and he’s a fellow geek/nerd. We both prefer Star Trek over Star Wars, go head to head on trivia games, and have a sort of brother/sister relationship. You know, because my five brothers don’t tease me enough. I wish he’d move back to Colorado, but I know that’s not happening anytime soon. I’ll enjoy his friendship from afar for now.

beckBeckie and I have known each other the longest since we met in college. She’s older, wiser, and funnier than me. We didn’t know each other well back then, but we sure do now! Beckie and I grew up in the same faith heritage and we’ve struggled with forging our own paths, which is a nice way of saying we own matching sets of baggage. She is a fellow homeschooling mom, we both have a Max under our roofs, and she might as well live near Don in France for as often as I see her. Still, I adore her. We talk about deep stuff – stuff that almost requires oxygen masks and reminders to breathe. Those chats are balanced out by bouts of silliness sisters might share. She’s like the older sister I never had.

cherieCherie is my best friend from church, and my dealer. She supplies me a good portion of the Chai I consume. 😉 She’s a fabulous lunch date! We have a regular booth at Chili’s where the server knows our appetizer and drink order by heart, and greets us by name. Cherie makes trips to American Furniture Warehouse seem like a day at the circus, and dreams about future projects with me as we treasure hunt at thrift stores between our houses. I love spending time with her, and not just because she spoils me.

RebeccaRebecca is my best friend from FACE, the private school for homeschooling families that meets once a week. Though we’ve both been there for years, she and I connected a few years ago when I taught a couponing class to the moms. I’m so glad our friendship has grown because Becca has such a sweet spirit and she’s hilarious! Her daughter is in my drama class and good friends with Max and Zoe. Becca spoils me too.

I noticed another common thread with all of these people. All of my best friends are introverts. How did that happen???

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I don’t have just one favorite of anything, especially people.

My best childhood friend? Easy! My cousin Jodee. We didn’t go to school together, but we went to church together and more importantly, church summer camp. We were the Wood girls, and we were inseparable most of the time. She was my first true friend. We trusted each other with our secrets and had halves of best friend necklaces. We laughed, prayed, cried, sang, crushed, served, dreamed, and grew up…together. I don’t know what I was to her, but she was my rock. I wish I had a picture of us together when we were little. The only one I know of is the two of us standing in front of the fireplace and I’m wearing my underwear over my pants. I’d share it if I had it. 😉

High school best friend? This is where it starts getting tricky. Jodee was still at the top of my list, but I also had my best guy friend from school – Tim Ranis, two best girl friends from school – Lyanna Steers and Lisa Bashaw, and two best friends from camp – Rob Martinson and Jeremy Harness. Three guys. Three girls. Through the magic of Facebook, I’m still connected to them all! Lucky me! If I had planned better, I could have shared pics of all of them, but that requires tracking them down in photo boxes, or stalking them on Facebook.

DOE CollageCollege brought a whole group of best friends into my life in the form of the DOE Club. We were a small group of dorm girls who bonded over Oreos, Tropicana Twister, and hours-long conversations about all aspects of life. What happened in DOE meetings stayed in DOE meetings. Secrecy and trust are essential when you’re splaying open your chest so everyone can see your heart, so we never allowed new members to join us no matter how much we loved them. Too much had been shared. It sounds selfish, but it was self-preservation. I love my DOEs!

Even within this AMAZING group of girls, there was one I was closer to than the others, and she’s still one of my best friends today. Since our college days, Tawnya (Widel) Hart and I have traversed many of life’s mountains and valleys together. We live ten hours away from each other, but still manage to stay in touch. We’ve traveled to see each other many times, and a few years ago my best friend from Denver and I met up with Tawnya and flew to the east coast to vacation for a week together in the Berkshires. What a fabulous trip!

kntLast but not least, my college guy best friend and favorite nerd/geek on the planet – Kevin Lewis. We traveled together for the singing group we were in, met weekly to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation, and he walked me down the aisle at my wedding. It’s really a toss-up which guy was more influential in making me see my worth as a woman in a non-sexual way – Tim or Kevin. I adore them both! We got to spend some time together this summer and it made me so happy to watch our daughters become friends. So what if there’s a ten-year age difference.

NK CollageI can’t even get into all of the best friends I’ve had in the last 23 years since college. There’s one or two in every city I’ve lived in, every group I’ve been part of, and every season of life I’ve been through so far.

All of my friends are the BEST!

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