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Spirits by the lake

I don’t remember where I first saw Leonid Afremov’s paintings, but I remember being caught by surprise by the emotions they evoked. I typically like soft colors, and not being a fan of yellow, I didn’t think I’d be drawn to an artist who uses yellows and other bright colors so liberally. But I am. He won me over.


Mr. Afremov has been hailed a modern day Impressionist, which might explain another draw for me as one of my best friends absolutely loves Monet – even painting her bathroom like his water lilies. I like Impressionist art. While I don’t think I’d be able to fake my way through a gallery talk, I know just enough to say I appreciate the movement, reflection, and light Mr. Afremov captures with his work.


“Leonid Afremov keeps the majority of his art politically neutral. His paintings are not offensive to anyone nor send any hidden messages. The paintings usually reflect certain personal memories and emotions. Leonid Afremov tries to draw the viewer to have a certain feeling rather than tell a story via the painting, or have the viewer see the world how he sees it.”


I love art. Mr. Afremov is one of many painters I admire. I hope you’ll check out more of his work on his website, especially his dancer paintings!


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